George DeWitt - Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The American Treasure Tour blog spends a fair amount of time discussing the items inside both the Toy Box and the Music Room.  Today, we are going to stretch ourselves a little - just a little - and honor one of the posters on the second floor landing!  I know, you thought it was going to be a slow day.  Surrounding the entrance to the Music Room are the faces of old-time celebrities, including the man we dedicate today to:  George DeWitt.

George DeWitt was born in 1922 with the birth name of Florentine.  His father was a police officer in their hometown of Atlantic City, New Jersey, where George became a street performer during the Great Depression, singing for tips.  As a teenager, he moved inside to work as a singing waiter in AC-area restaurants.  DeWitt had two passions: singing and flying.  He became highly accomplished in both.  During World War II, he flew with the US Army Air Corp, before coming into his own during the 1950's.  He entertained with the Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra before hosting the popular televised game show Name That Tune.  He did that from 1953 through 1959, when it was cancelled in the height of the game show scandals.  DeWitt was 57 when he died in 1979 of a heart attack.
QUESTION:  Which of the following game shows was NOT part of the 1950's game show scandal?
A)  The $64,000 Question
B)  Twenty One
C)  Dotto
D)  Name That Tune

THE DAY THE BAND WENT SILENT.  Airplanes, as we all know, are one of the safest modes of transportation out there.  That is not to say accidents don't happen, and any fatality from a plane crash is a tragedy.  The crash that happened today in 1977 shook the music world, because the members of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd were all on this particular plane, flying from a concert in Greenville, South Carolina, to their next slated show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the LSU campus.  They never made it.  When the plane crashed, three members of the band died and others were seriously injured.  They had just released their album Street Survivors a few days earlier.  It would go platinum, and be their last album.

BELA LUGOSI IS BORN.  On this day in 1888, born in the Lugos region of Hungary (now Lugoj, Romania), was a little baby boy.  Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko, who would grow up to become the most famous Dracula of all time, as well as the most notorious star of Ed Wood films.  If you don't know anything about Ed Wood or his movies, we recommend Glen or Glenda as one of his strangest, and also one of Bela's most unusual starring roles.

QUOTE:  I never met a vampire personally, but I never know what might happen tomorrow. - Bela Lugosi

ANSWER:  D)  Name That Tune