Halloween Costumes

QUESTION:  The Collegeville Costume Company has been long-remembered as one of the most beloved manufacturers of cheap Halloween costumes.  What was their "real" name?
A)  The Collegeville Halloween Costume Company
B)  The Collegeville Flag and Manufacturing Company
C)  The Collegeville Costume and Sewing Company
D)  The Collegeville Marionette and Costume Company

It is Halloween time again, and there is no better place to look to celebrate than the American Treasure Tour in Oaks, PA!  Oh sure, we are well known for our expansive collection of Christmas animations and store displays. And our Easter Bunny family is unparalleled. But we have a special place for Halloween as well, especially costumes. In fact, there is a huge section of wall space reserved to display the masks sold by the Collegeville Costume Company for most of the 20th century - affordable outfits created to give children something to wear as they trudged up and down neighborhood streets, bags outstretched in the hopes of getting them filled with candy.  Most participants in trick-or-treating remember it as a highlight of childhood.  But then something bad happened, way back in 1982. Seven people died because of Tylenol that had been laced with cyanide, and the nation was terrified that an act so horrible might inspire poisoning candy.  Many communities cancelled trick-or-treating entirely, while others were very cautious in how they approached it. 

One alternative families came up with was just having parties instead. Prior to 1982, Halloween was a celebration enjoyed almost exclusively by children. But then, parents remembered the fun of the season, and maybe even envied their kids and the parties they attended. So they started having parties for themselves. Adult costume sales soared and became a major part of the business. There is a theory that the tragic events of 1982 led to a renaissance in the celebration of Halloween that continues to this day.  Of course now, not only are adult costume parties hugely successful, but so are haunt-themed attractions. A unique thrill experience can be had in the same building as American Treasure Tour, at Arnold's Family Fun Center. It's called Area 2200, and it's open year round!

ANSWER:  B)  The Collegeville Flag and Manufacturing Company.  They produced flags beginning in 1910, then created costumes out of leftover fabrics beginning very soon thereafter.