Handsaws - Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Yes, that's right.  We are going to discuss the actual metal saw today, not the franchise of ultra-violent movies named after these extremely useful tools.  The American Treasure Tour recently received a nice collection of saws that have been placed in the above-ground tunnel in the Toy Box, so we thought, "Why not?"  And so here we are.  Talking about saws.  In the blog.  Right now.

The saw is one of the oldest man-made tools, originally made using obsidian, flint, or even shark teeth.  Some of the earliest human records of their existence is in the form of hieroglyphics located on the walls of Ancient Egyptian tombs.  These saws tended to be copper that was hand-serrated then hardened, to be able to withstand the force used to cut whatever was necessary - mostly wood, of course, but they were also occasionally used over the centuries as a way to enforce capital punishment.  The oldest-known sawmill was Roman, dating to the third century A.D., and was used to cut stone.  Of course, saws of all types have proven invaluable in the creation of civilization, with the cutting and shaping wood for houses being the most fundamental necessity.  And they have come in all shapes and sizes, from small saws to help with intricate craftsmanship to extremely large ones to reduce trees or raw materials into something more useful.  It is difficult to imagine where word culture would be without saws - so it's time to give them a moment of silence as a way to express your gratitude and appreciation for all the saw has done for the humans who have designed and created them.  Or you can just give the saws we have on display here a smile and a knowing nod.  They will appreciate the recognition, trust me.  They often talk to me.  They're very nice, really, once you get to know them.
QUESTION:  What title does someone who professionally saw have?  They are a - 
A)  Sawman
B)  Sawyer
C)  Lumberman
D)  Woodcutter

WE CAN VOTE!  If you have ever seen the license plate on cars owned by residents of Washington, D.C., they read "Taxation Without Representation."  Dwellers of the Federal City to this day do not have a vote in Congress - no members of the House of Representatives, no Senators.  In fact, until this day in 1964, they weren't even permitted the right to vote for President of the United States.  We will call that a baby step.

STONE.  Yes, today is the birthday of Mr. Stone.  Mr. Leonard Stone.  He may not be the most famous man to ever be an actor, but he was definitely prolific.  He was cast in over 120 television shows and 35 films, and yet his name is little known.  He will always hold a special place in our hearts, though, for his performance in 1971's Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, playing Sam Beauregarde, the father of the gum-chewing Violet who ultimately turned violet herself, and was rolled out of the factory.  

QUOTE:  I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth and I am a citizen of the world. - Eugene V. Debs

ANSWER:  B)  Saywer