Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays.jpg

December is a special time of year.  For much of the nation, that specialness is dominated by a sense that it is really, really cold.  Snow, ice, freezing winds.  Burrrr.  For the rest of the nation, it's a time when they can remember being in one of the cold parts of the country and be grateful for being in a warmer part of the country now.  Of course, it's not all about the weather.  It's also about time spent with family and loved ones, being there for one another, and having a good time.

We at the American Treasure Tour hope you will take some time today to appreciate that which is most important:  friends and family, the peoples of the world, the planet itself, and all the life with which we share the planet.  This is truly a time to take a moment to express gratitude.  And, if you possibly can, get warm!