Herb Alpert - March 3, 2014

One of the most recognizable album covers ever made for a brass band hangs on display on the American Treasure Tour's Music Room wall.  We refer, of course, to the 1965 album Whipped Cream & Other Delights by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.  

Alpert, born in Los Angeles in 1935, had music in his blood.  Every member of his family played one instrument or another. He took on the trumpet, while also writing and producing songs for his label A&M Records (Alpert is the "A," and his friend Jerry Moss is the "M"), before venturing to Mexico and getting his introduction to mariachi music.  That was the inspiration for the Tijuana Brass, and for many other Latin-sounding bands to follow.  Whipped Cream & Other Delights blended his signature sound with the popular music of the day and proved a smash hit - selling six million copies in the United States alone, and included a number of cover songs such as  "Love Potion #9," "A Taste of Honey," and "Tangerine."  In some of the concert appearances Alpert made after the album's release, he apologetically explained to the audience that he could play the songs, but, "Sorry, we can't play the cover for you."


Which of the following is NOT true about Herb Alpert's recording career:

a)  He is accredited as co-writer of the 1960 novelty song "Alley Oop"

b)  He has sold over 72 million records world wide

c)  28 of his albums have reached the Billboard Top 100 charts.

d)  He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song in 1962

e)  He has received 9 Grammy Awards, 14 platinum albums, and 15 gold albums.

Answer Below.


Today is Independence Day!  Or at least it was in 1836 Texas.  On this day, the Province of Texas officially broke away from Mexico and became the Republic of Texas.  Within a year, United States President Andrew Jackson recognized the fledgling country as an independent republic, and France followed suit - in fact, the building where the Republic of Texas' embassy was located still stands in Paris.  Five men held the position of President of Texas for two-year terms prior to its being absorbed into the United States in 1845.  Texas bypassed territory status to become a state, and sacrificed some of its land to other future states on condition that the American government take over the substantial debts the Republic had amassed during its brief time as an independent republic. 

The first issue of the weekly news magazine Time was issued on this day in 1923, and has continued publication ever since.  Established by two former Yale University writers, Time was intended to provide a wide range of news that moved smoothly between the substantial and entertaining.  They clearly got something right, since it remains in circulation and is the most popular weekly news magazine in the world, enjoying a readership of over 25 million people.


Born to a deaf mother on this day in 1847, Alexander Bell grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, where his father taught communication skills to the hearing impaired.  At the age of ten, Alexander added Graham to his name in honor of one of his father's pupils. He proved to be a naturally inquisitive child, as he conducted experiments in electricity from a young age in the effort to convey sound and assist the deaf.  In 1871, the Bells moved to Boston, where his father taught at the Boston School for Deaf Mutes.  In Boston, Bell continued tinkering and tried to invent a way to improve the quality of life for the deaf.  His marriage to the deaf daughter of his landlord did not slow Bell down and, in 1876, he patented the telephone for which he became famous. Despite a long and distinguished career, Bell's name will forever be associated with this one revolutionary invention.


We always felt that if you do something with quality and integrity, then it's going to come back to you. - Herb Alpert

Answer:  d)  He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song in 1962.  Although he made a cameo appearance in the 1962 feature film Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation, it was unfortunately not considered an Oscar-worthy performance by the Academy.