Full-Throttle Thursday

1968 Chevy Camaro R:S: Convertible.jpg

What one thing do the following Chevrolet vehicles all have in common: the Corvair, the Chevette, the Corsair, Corvette?  Yes, they all start with the letter "C."  Seems obvious enough, but it was a large part of the reason that Chevy selected the name Camaro for their 1966 pony car.  Developed to compete with the Ford Mustang, and to replace the Corvair, which had received bad press from safety advocates, the Camaro was all about developing a performance-oriented image, while still being sporty and affordable.  The "RS" in the name of the car stands for "Rally Sport," which was something you could add to your Camaro for only $105 on top of the retail price.  It included dress-up items like chrome-steel wheel wells, roof drip rail moldings and, most tantalizing, hideaway headlights - something that Ford could not even compete with in their Mustangs.

Of course, the Camaro has since become a part of the national story.  A muscle car from an era when the price and access to gasoline was not considered an issue, and everyone wanted to show up their neighbors with a powerful engine, a sleek design, and a true statement of American excess.  And we still continue in this decades-long tradition today!