House on Haunted Hill

QUESTION:  Who played William Castle in the 1993 film Matinee?
A)  John Goodman
B)  Jeff Goldblum
C)  William Castle himself
D)  Robert DeNiro

The American Treasure Tour blog seems to be stuck in the Omrod Giant World of Miniatures this week - and what a wonderful place to be! So many strange and marvelous elements to the collection, it in and of itself could keep the blog going for years to come. But we will diversify soon, we guarantee it. (That is not a guarantee.)  We remain in the 40 Horror Films diorama today, and hone in on our little skeleton land. True, there are plenty of films that incorporate skeletons in their story lines, but one stands out above all the rest for sheer comic/horror delight: William Castle's 1959 masterpiece House on Haunted Hill

William Castle will receive his own blog post tomorrow. He is too much of a character to leave to just one or two sentences, understanding that our explanation that we will discuss him tomorrow has taken one or two sentences already. House on Haunted Hill stars none other than horror king Vincent Price as the eccentric millionaire Frederick Loren, who hosts a gathering for five people, promising that any of them who stay the night will receive $10,000 for their trouble. (In the remake, made forty years later, the reward would be increased to a solid million dollars. That's called inflation.) It becomes quickly evident that this is not going to be a fun party. In fact, it is all about murder, more specifically a murder about to happen that very night. Everyone receives a gun, there's a vat of acid, and a very scary skeleton that makes an appearance at a pivotal moment during the film. We have already told you too much. If you have not yet seen this campy, creepy classic, run don't walk to wherever you have to go to see it, even if that happens to be halfway across the country. But we doubt it will be.  You can probably just stream it. Just please do not watch it near a bubbling vat of acid, because that will doubtless turn out badly.

ANSWER:  A)  John Goodman.  But any of the other choices would have made for an excessively fun film!