Hula! - Monday, February 23, 2015

HONORING OUR 50th STATE!  It is the dead of winter here in the Mid-Atlantic region, and some of us are looking towards the tropics as an escape from the reality of the cold and the snow. That's why the American Treasure Tour has decided to dedicate today's blog to the America's own tropical paradise:  Hawaii.

Due to its strategic location in the center of the Pacific Ocean, United States presidents kept a close watch on the island chain since the 19th century.  After World War II, veterans of the Pacific theater brought home stories of its exotic beauty, and the love of hula began on the mainland. Hula is a native dance that tells stories of Polynesian culture, the beauty of nature, or the complications of life.  As one of the Hula pieces we have in the Toy Box tells, it can also shed a light on an otherwise dark room.  Who doesn't love a good hula lamp!

QUESTION:  Only four current states in the United States were once independent republics prior to annexation.  Hawaii is one of them.  Which of the following was NOT another?
A)  Vermont
B)  Florida
C)  Texas
D)  California

TURN THE DIAL.  By the beginning of 1927, radio had become an extremely popular new technology taking the world by storm.  Radio stations were popping up everywhere, with competition to get space to broadcast getting pretty fierce.  And that is when the federal government came in.  On this day of that year, President Calvin Coolidge signed into law the bill establishing the Federal Radio Commission, eventually to be called the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC.  As Americans, it is our right and responsibility to complain about big government, but sometimes, chaos would rule without it.

GONE WITH OZ.  Happy birthday, American director Victor Fleming.  His name may not be as well-recognized as a Hitchcock or a Spielberg, but anyone who watches movies has almost certainly seen one of Mr. Fleming's films, many of which are considered masterpieces.  His name is tied to two 1939 films:  The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind.  While maybe not as famous, many of his other films are very well-regarded.  In honor of Victor, we encourage you to go watch three or seven of his films!

QUOTE:  In war, whichever side may call itself the victor.  There are no winners, only losers. - Victor Fleming

ANSWER:  B)  Florida.  Florida was always owned by someone - Spain or England or the United States.