"Humpty Dumpty Heart"

Which of the following musicians performed a version of "Humpty Dumpty Heart"?
A)  Ella Fitzgerald
B)  LaVern Baker
C)  Jackie Wilson
D)  Slappy White

We admit it.  The American Treasure Tour blog has become fixated on the sheet music for "Humpty Dumpty Heart" displayed in our Toy Box.  A happy, silly song that was included in a largely-forgotten comedic film starring a great actor long past his prime and a popular band leader few people remember today, we just can't seem to let it go.  The song was written by Johnny Burke (lyrics) and Jimmy van Heusen (melody), and first recorded by Bing Crosby on July 30, 1941 with Woody Herman and his Orchestra.  Crosby had nothing to do with the song's film debut in Playmates, but attaching his name to any song was a good thing because of his great popularity.

In fact, it was a little unusual that the song was even in a film that did not star Bing Crosby, because the writing team behind "Humpty Dumpty Heart" - Johnny Burke and Jimmy van Heusen - were best known for collaborating on songs made popular by Crosby.  Of the 41 films the Burke-van Heusen team worked on, Crosby starred in a full 25 of them, including Going My Way in 1944, which won not only the Best Picture Academy Award that year, but also Best Song (for their song "Swinging on a Star").  Burke and van Heusen also wrote a few other tunes that would prove to have lasting power, including "Pennies From Heaven," "Only Forever," and "Moonlight Becomes You."

"Humpty Dumpty Heart" did not become a big hit with Playmates," but it did have lasting power, most notably for country music star Hank Thompson, who performed for seven decades, from 1948 ("Humpty Dumpty Heart" was his first hit) until one month before his death towards the end of 2007.  As a side note, Jeff Bridges won an Academy Award for Best Actor performing in the 2009 film Crazy Hearts, which was inspired by Thompson's life.

ANSWER:  B)  LaVern Baker.  She did perform with Jackie Wilson, and was married to Slappy Wilson but, to our knowledge, neither Jackie nor Slappy, nor even Ella, sang "Humpty Dumpty Heart:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNKWgyBTjfo