"In Your Letter" Part 4

QUESTION:  Abraham Lincoln created the official holiday of Thanksgiving as the last Thursday of November.  Which president moved it up to the second-to-the-last Thursday of November in an effort to extend the Christmas season?
A)  Andrew Johnson
B)  Calvin Coolidge
C)  Franklin Roosevelt
D)  Ronald Reagan

Today we're celebrating, giving a day of thanks which, for many of us, means an opportunity to spend time with family, eat too much, and watch some football.  Five Americans who we suspect are enjoying the festivities are Neal Doughty, Kevin Cronin, Bruce Hall, Dave Amato, and Bryan Hitt.  Granted, they are not household names for many of us anymore, but they have definitely touched most of us whether we recognize them or not. They are the five current members of the band Reo Speedwagon.  

The band was formed in 1967 by Neal Doughty to play covers.  At the time, he was studying electrical engineering at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Doughty took a course in transportation history, and used the truck produced by Ransom Olds' second company as his inspiration. While the automotive company pronounced their name like the city in Brazil, Rio, Doughty's band spelled out the letters R, E, and O.  Their first live performance happened that same year at a UI fraternity party that devolved into a food fight. It took ten years and numerous line-up changes before the REO Speedwagon went platinum. That was with their first live album, Live, You Get What You Play For. After that, they recorded a studio album, humorously called You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish.  It was their first album to actually chart in the Top 40.  It also went double platinum.  But none of this could have anticipated the success they achieved in the year 1980.

ANSWER:  C)  Franklin Roosevelt.  That was in 1939.  Two years later, Congress firmed it up as the fourth Thursday in November.