Jacqueline Bisset - February 3, 2014

The disadvantage we at the blog have as we continue our "Faces of the Tour" theme is that it obliges us to discuss the careers and achievements of many accomplished athletes and talented women.  It can be such a challenge!  Today is no exception as we embark on "Jacqueline Bisset Day" at the American Treasure Tour blog.

Given the heady name Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset at her birth in 1944 Surrey, England, Bisset's professional ambitions geared towards the performance arts at an early age.  After receiving an education that revolved around the arts, she aspired to begin a career in the movies.  Her skill and beauty worked in her favor and her official film debut happened in 1966.  At the age of 22, she starred in Roman Polansky's Cul-de-Sac, a story about a bungled bank robbery and the tensions that developed between the proponents of the crime.  From there, she was in a number of films in English, French, and Italian, showing her talents and linguistic diversity in dramas, comedies, action films as well as the occasional biblical epic.  She currently stars in a miniseries on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) called Dancing On the Edge for which she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress.


In 1983, Jacqueline Bissett starred in the film Class.  In this American comedy, she plays the mother of prep school student Squire Franklin Burroughs IV, better known as "Skip," played by a young Rob Lowe.  Who serves as Skips roommate, with whom Bisset's character has an affair much to her sons' horror?

a)  Emilio Estevez

b)  Matthew Broderick

c)  Andrew McCarthy

d)  Demi Moore

e)  Judd Nelson

Answer Below


The first paper money ever printed in the future United States was released on this day in 1690.  After the British government shut down their official mint in New England, the local leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony printed paper money as a form of official i.o.u. to soldiers returning from war in Canada as a way to reimburse them for their service in the name of the King of England.  The program worked and other colonies adopted the use of paper money as a method of payment, which increased the legitimacy of the currency.  

Everything money-based in modern America goes back to the year 1913.  That was when, on this day, the Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified which made it legal for the federal government to implement the income tax.  Please don't blame us at the American Treasure Tour blog for this.  It's not our fault.  We're not happy about it either.


Today in 1874, Miss Gertrude Stein was born just outside of the industrial city Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The novelist, poet, playwright, and collector of modern art established herself in her homeland prior to moving to Paris, France, where she moved just shy of her thirtieth birthday and remained for much of the remainder of her life.  Her home in Paris became "the place to be" among other American expatriots, and rising stars of the American literary scene were often found in her home as they came to fame themselves.  Luminaries such as Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Pablo Picasso all made sure that they were seen at one of Stein's salon gatherings.  

When reference is made to the "Rat Pack" of performers, three names come immediately to mind for most people:  Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Dean Martin.  There were two other primary members to this illustrious group, though, and today is the birthday of one of them.  Joey Bishop was born on February 3rd, 1918.  Born Joseph Gottlieb in the Bronx, New York to a Jewish family and raised in South Philadelphia, he became well established in television during the 1960s, mostly in sitcoms and talk shows.  He also starred with the other members of the Rat Pack in the original Ocean's 11, released in 1960, during which time he performed in Las Vegas with his cohorts, more often telling jokes than singing.  Bishop would also be the only Rat Packer to appear in a movie starring members of the "Brat Pack" of the 1980s: a group of young actors who seemingly took over Hollywood for a time.  Bishop was in the 1990 Molly Ringwald vehicle Betsy's Wedding.  (The fifth member of the "Rat Pack" was Peter Lawford, who also happened to be the brother-in-law of John F. Kennedy.)


Character contributes to beauty.  It fortifies a woman as her youth fades.  A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.  - Jacqueline Bisset

Answer:  c)  Andrew McCarthy