Janssen Pianos

There are all kinds of fun and fascinating pieces on display here at the American Treasure Tour, as anyone who's visited us knows - but one thing that kinda gets lost is the classic advertisements that hang on the walls or are three-dimensional objects.  One of the latter is our electrified Janssen Pianos sign.  Barely more than a foot long and six inches tall, it is illuminated when plugged in. 

Janssen Pianos.jpg

Benjamin H. Janssen was a veteran of the piano trade by the time he opened his own business in 1901.  In fact, he'd been employed by the highly esteemed Estey Company and the lesser-known Brambach Piano Company and the Mathushek & Sons piano outfit before going out on his own by opening shop at 82 Brown Place, New York City - a bold move that paid off. His company's reputation was solid through the early years of the twentieth century, which helped to ensure they could survive the trials of the Great Depression.  By 1964, Benjamin himself was long gone, but the Janssen name carried on after the company was sold to C.G. Conn, Ltd. of Elkhart, Indiana. And now, it continues in perpetuity through their surviving pianos and advertisements such as the one we proudly display.