January 8, 2015

The American Treasure Tour is tucked away in a massive building (1.2 million square feet) in the small community of Oaks, Pennsylvania.  The tour is exactly 27.1 miles from one of the most famous buildings in the entire United States - Independence Hall, located in Center City, Philadelphia.  Every good American knows the two most famous documents created within the walls of that building:  the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  Perhaps less known is that Philadelphia was not the first capitol of the first nation.  Rather, New York City is where George Washington took the oath of office.

On this day in 1790, the First President of the United States, George Washington, delivered the first State of the Union Address to the first Congress.  This was the first time in 'modern' times when the leader of a country was held completely accountable to his people.  By November of 1790, the capitol moved to Philadelphia, and Washington moved into the house of his friend and fellow patriot, Robert Morris, located one block from the Pennsylvania State House, known now as the President's House.

QUESTION:  What other president lived in this residence before the nation's capitol moved to Washington, D.C.?

A)  Barack Obama
B)  John Adams
C)  Warren Harding
D)  Thomas Jefferson




Bob Eubanks turns 77 today.  Born in Flint, Michigan but transplanted to Pasadena, California as a child, Eubanks was a product of pop culture, enjoying music, television and movies from early on, while also working as a child model and meeting his acting heroes.  Famous game show producer Chuck Barris called on Eubanks to host his new Newlywed Game in 1966, a job he had on and off up through 1999.  His own celebrity has only grown from this humble beginning as his humor and natural charisma has charmed audiences ever since.  He has been involved in game shows ever since, while also managing country music acts including Marty Robbins and Dolly Parton.

Below Bob is a really pretty picture.  Most of the country needs to be reminded of images like this right now.  We hope the rest of the country appreciates what it has.


ANSWER:  B) John Adams.  He moved to the new Federal City in May of 1800.