Jeanette McDonald & Nelson Eddy

QUESTION:  Which of the following films starring Jeanette McDonald was not nominated for Best Picture of the Year by the Academy Awards?
A)  Love Parade
B)  One Hour With You
C)  Rose-Marie
D)  San Francisco

We addressed the life and career of Nelson Eddy yesterday; however, you cannot tell his story without also mentioning Jeanette McDonald. The Philadelphia native may not have suffered the levels of poverty Eddy survived, but she shared his passion for opera music growing up, and took dancing lessons as well. She was sixteen when she joined her older sister Blossom Rock on a trip to New York City. She landed a job at a revue on Broadway, performing between showings of films. This led to roles in actual plays on Broadway, until she was discovered by famed musical producer Ernst Lubitsch, who hired her for his first filmed musical, The Love Parade opposite Maurice Chevalier in 1929. This began a prolific career. Between 1929 and 1930, McDonald starred in no less than six films and thirty-two before 1950.  Maurice Chevalier co-starred with her in numerous early films, and it was not until 1935 that Nelson Eddy was cast opposite her in Naughty Marietta.  This is the famous coupling that brings us to celebrate the album Sweethearts.

Jeanette McDonald was one of the top-grossing movie stars of the 1930's, although she retained popularity well into the 1950's. It was only after she collapsed during a live performance in 1956 that she began limiting her appearances, retiring three years later. McDonald and Eddy had a romantic relationship for a time; however, Eddy wanted her to retire from performing to raise their children and she refused to do that. They both married other people, although rumors persist that they never really stopped seeing each other, either. The scandal!

ANSWER:  C)  Rose-Marie. The film Naughty Marietta was also nominated for the top honor.