Johnny Cash

QUESTION:  What was the name of Johnny Cash's first wife?
A)  Rosanne Cash
B)  June Carter
C)  Vivian Liberto
D)  Monique Jepier

We know you have been going crazy since we talked about Life magazine yesterday, trying to figure out the connection to the American Treasure Tour.  Finally, your answer is here.  Now you can relax, sit back, and watch a movie.  May we recommend 1961's Five Minutes to Live or A Gunfight one decade later?  Johnny Cash starred in these two films during his long and distinguished career as a singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor, and author.  Of course, his legacy will always be his music.  Cash's appeal spans country-western music, gospel, and rock 'n roll.  During a career that spanned six decades, he became one of the best-selling musicians of all time, with fans the world over.  Ninety million of his records were purchased by fans of all stripes.  And, unsurprisingly, he made it to the cover of Life magazine.  Yes, his records are on display at the American Treasure Tour, as is the magazine cover displayed above.  The man in black is everywhere, and we see that as a good thing.

Born in 1932, J.R. Cash was an Arkansas native who started out quite modestly.  One of seven kids, he worked cotton fields to get by, prior to joining the Air Force.  The military compelled him to change his name - they told him initials were not an acceptable name.  He became John then, when his service was done, he chose Johnny as his recording name when he went to Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee.  Cash's life was hardly stable - a marriage ruined by multiple affairs, drug abuse and alcoholism, a second marriage that proved stabilizing, and a massively successful career in music - it is the stuff of legend today, and told in numerous books and a remarkably popular 2005 biopic called Walk the Line, starring Joaquin Phoenix in an Oscar-nominated role and Reese Witherspoon in an award-winning role.  We recommend watching the movie, but only after you watch the two we mentioned earlier.

ANSWER:  C)  Vivian Liberto.  They were married from 1954 until their divorce in 1966, two years before he married June Carter.