Johnny Lee - February 11, 2014

The American Treasure Tour blog is bringing you back into the Music Room highlighting one of the records displayed on the wall above our beautiful nickelodeons.  Today is Johnny Lee day!

Born in 1946, John Lee Ham is a Texan through and through, born and raised in the Lone Star State.  His love of music began in his teens, when he formed a rock 'n roll band in high school called Johnny Lee and the Roadrunners.  After he graduated, he took a temporary hiatus from music and toured with the United States Navy, before returning to Texas and singing wherever he could find work.  He covered the hits of others before he met up with Mickey Gilley and played at Gilley's club, a popular country music destination that offered great exposure for aspiring musicians.  Everything changed for Johnny Lee when parts of the popular 1980 movie Urban Cowboy were filmed at the club.  Its soundtrack included some of his songs, but his most famous - and the one that reached number one on the country charts, number five on the pop charts and number ten on the adult contemporary charts was "Lookin' For Love."  Johnny Lee has enjoyed the limelight since then, and released twenty albums in a career that spans four decades.  He continues to perform to this day in the American heartland.  It's time to visit Branson, Missouri!


The original Gilley's Club was the central location for the film Urban Cowboy.  It had a corrugated steel roof, a number of different bars, and a mechanical bull.  In 2003, it moved to a larger space in Dallas, Texas.  In what city was the original bar?

a)  Dallas, Texas,

b)  Pasadena, Texas

c)  Houston, Texas

d)  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

e)  Corpus Christi, Texas

Answer Below


The year was 1752.  The day was today, February 11th.  The place, Philadelphia. The first hospital in the United States officially opened its doors to the poor and needy of the city.  The brainchild of two men - the physician Thomas Bond and the social progressive Benjamin Franklin - the hospital was built on the fringes of the developed city and remains in the same spot to this day, although now in the heart of the city, at 800 Spruce Street.  When Pennsylvania Hospital opened, its mission was to help all suffering people regardless of their ability to pay. Initially, the ground floor was set aside as an asylum for people unable to function in normal society.  Those members of said 'normal society' went to the hospital to gawk at the sick as a form of entertainment.  Eventually, the administration charged the gawkers, and used the proceeds to improve the lot of the sick.  The hospital is also the site of the first American surgical amphitheater (operating room) and medical library, and remains both a beautiful building worthy of a visit to better learn its history, and a highly reputable place to go for healing.  Fortunately, you can no longer go there to gawk at the sick. 

Today in 1861, a deeply concerned Legislative Branch of the federal government made an appeal to the seceding southern states by unanimously passing a resolution guaranteeing that slavery would in no way be restricted or interfered with in any state.  Their efforts did not change the tide, and within the next few months, eleven states voted to leave the United States and establish the Confederacy, anyway.  The first significant gunshots of the war occurred on April 12th of the same year, when Confederates shot on federal troops stationed at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.  The offer to leave slavery untouched was rescinded.


How could February 11th go by without acknowledging the birth of one of American's most influential men; Thomas Edison!  Who would have thought that an absent-minded baby boy born in a small house in Milan (pronounced MY-lin), Ohio in 1847 would grow up to have such a significant impact on how the people of the world live?  With 1,093 patents to his name, Edison is accredited with the development of modern electricity, lighting, motion pictures (at least before they went digital), recorded music, and pretty much anything you can think of.  The two places any admirer of Thomas Edison needs to visit to best understand his contributions to the world are his early Menlo Park, New Jersey laboratory, which was relocated to Dearborn, Michigan by his admirer Henry Ford, and his second factory in West Orange, New Jersey.  New Jersey still has that one.

Many others share a birthday with Mr. Edison, including an actor whose star rose the highest in the 1970s, but who has performed in movies since the 1960s and continues to work to this day: Burt Reynolds.  Born in 1936, one of the roles for which he remains indelibly linked is that of the tough guy-turned milquetoast Lewis Medlock in 1972's Deliverance.  He tends toward the masculine in the majority of his rolls, including 1977's Smokey And The Bandit, 1981's Sharky's Machine, and 1997's Boogie Nights, to list just a few.  Happy birthday, Burt!


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. - Thomas Edison

Answer:  b)  Pasadena, Texas