Foghorn Leghorn - July 14, 2014

The American Treasure Tour is a growing, evolving site.  New items are regularly getting added to the collection, some of them big (like a nickelodeon or a calliope) and some of them small (such as a new model airplane).  This week, we have two new additions to our happy family:  one is another of the animated store displays that complement the band organ room in the Toy Box, and the other is a new stuffed animal.  It is not just any animal, though.  It is Foghorn Leghorn.

Considering how iconic this long-winded, loudmouthed rooster has become, it's surprising that he only starred in twenty-three cartoons between his creation in 1946 and 1963, which some regard as the end of the golden age of animation (when the popularity of television spelled the end of  theatrically-released cartoons).  His descriptive name identifies Foghorn as having a loud voice, and he is a leghorn rooster inspired by the popular radio character Senator Claghorn.  

QUESTION:  Foghorn was hired to promote what company's products in the 1980's?

A)  Chik Fil-A

B)  Campbell's Soup

C)  Oscar Meyer

D)  Heinz 

Answer Below


Many history teachers tell the story of how Peter Minuit bought the island of Manhattan on behalf of the Dutch from the Native Americans in 1626 for a token sum.  Four years later, and on this date, the governor of New Amsterdam (later to be known as New York City) extended their property with the purchase of a small island in the bay.  Named Oyster Island, it is now more familiarly called Ellis Island.  Three hundred and seventy-two years later, the states of New York and New Jersey would fight over who owned Ellis Island.  The answer:  New York owns the original island, New Jersey owns the landfill that has more than doubled its size.

The other day, we talked about the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton in 1804, remember?  Hamilton died today.  His gut shot proved fatal, but his death was slow and painful. Duels are bad, okay?


Few Americans deserve credit for changing more Americans' lives than George Eastman.  The man behind Kodak and mainstream photography was born today in 1854.  He 'developed' (get it?) roll film, which made picture taking much more affordable, and which led directly to the motion picture industry.  He used his massive fortune to establish schools and improve education throughout the United States and England.

An ATT favorite is celebrating his birthday today:  Tod Browning was born today in 1880.  As a teenager, he ran away with the circus (it actually DID happen!).  Then, he got involved in the new medium of film, first as an actor, then as a director.  Most famous for Dracula (1931) and Freaks (1932), he actually helmed over thirty movies during a long career!

QUOTE:  What we do during our work hours determines what we have.  What we do during our leisure hours determines who we are. - George Eastman

ANSWER:  C)  Oscar Meyer.  He also represented Kentucky Fried Chicken around the same time.