The Partridge Family - June 23, 2014

Our return to the Albums on the Wall series, here at the American Treasure Tour blog, has inevitably brought us to the Partridge Family.  Inspired by the popular 1960's musical family The Cowsills, the Patridges told the story of five kids, their widowed mother, and their manager as they sing music and live their typical rock star suburban lives in beautiful Southern California.

Their sitcom lasted for four seasons, during which time eight albums were released.  Their third album was Sound Magazine, which came out in 1971 (the second of three to come out that year), with music written by famous songsters including Paul Anka, Bobby Hart and Rupert Holmes.  It went certified gold and is considered by fans to be one of the best they ever released.

QUESTION:  Which actor was not a member of the Partridge Family?

a)  David Cassidy

b)  Susan Olsen

c)  Danny Bonaduce

d)  Shirley Jones

Answer Below


1683 may not be a year many Americans think about, but it was an important one for Anglo-Indian relations.  In fact, it was the first time the proprietor of an American Colony got the approval of the Native population to establish a city in the New World, rather than taking the land by force.  On this day, William Penn of the Pennsylvania colony and Tamanend of the Lenni Lenape signed a "friendship treaty." Walls were never built around Penn's capitol city, Philadelphia, and Indians never tried to attack it.

If you're one of those people who thinks nothing good came out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, think again.  On this day in 1868 came a patent to Christopher Sholes and his partners for a machine they called the "typewriter." Not the first machine of its kind, but the mot practical, their typewriter redefined how people would write the printed word.  Using black and white keys, it was called a literary piano because its keys resembled those of the musical machine.  They also developed the QWERTY set-up that is still used to this day on laptop keyboards, initially designed to reduce the chance of jam-ups among the keys.  Originally a necessity, QWERTY is now solely a tradition.


Today we celebrate 84 years since the birth of June Carter, the American singer, dancer, actress, comedian and writer whose talents were exceptional but who may best be known today as the second wife and muse of Johnny Cash.  Only four months after her passing in 2004 did her husband of 35 years follow her. And so too did an exceptional musical couple move into the realm of legend.

Celebrating her 57th year - thirty of which as an actor on film and stage - is Frances McDormand. She won an Oscar for her role as Marge Gunderson in the 1996 film Fargo, which was the brainchild of her husband, Joel Coen, and his brother Ethan.  She has been in close to fifty films in her distinguished career and is still extremely active.  Happy birthday, Frances!

QUOTE:  Who can worry about a career?  Have a life.  - Frances McDormand

Answer:  b)  Susan Olsen.  She played Cindy Brady on another popular 1970s sitcom.  Susan Dey was in The Partridge Family.