K-Tel's Star Power - 9-18

K-Tel records was founded by former door-to-door salesman Philip Kives of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Kives' first compilation album, available in 1966, predated the creation of K-Tel.  25 Great Country Artists Singing Their Original Hits was supposed to be a one-time product, but it sold so well it compelled K-Tel to greatness, and something of a notoriety with the albums they presented, mostly using television commercials as their primary form of advertisement.



Star Power was released in 1978.  A time capsule for the year, it included many popular hits of the day, among them Meco's interpretation of the "Star Wars Title Theme," "Cold As Ice," by Foreigner, the Bay City Rollers hit "You Make Me Believe in Magic," and many more!  K-Tel remained a popular source for multi-star compilations into the 1990s, and has since diversified into other markets while still remaining a presence in the music industry.


Vinyl records an a repository for music that dominated the market during the twentieth century.  Prior to the record, music was stored on a phonograph cylinder, while it was eventually replaced by the compact disc.  What was the most common rotational speed at which the majority of full-length records were played after the 1930s?

a)  78 rpm (rotations per minute)

b)  45 rpm

c)  10"

d)  33-1/3 rpm

e)  Tony Orlando and Dawn

Answer Below

Today in History:

The United States Congress passed into law the Fugitive Slave Law on this day as part of the Compromise of 1850 designed to prevent Civil War.  The Fugitive Slave Law stated that it was a legal obligation for all suspected runaway slaves to be arrested and returned to their owners.  The suspect was not permitted to defend themselves physically or legally and, rather than reduce the tensions in the country, it served to intensify them as free African Americans were arrested without recourse and abolitionists protested these injustices.

The National Security Act of 1947 designated the Air Force an independent branch of the United States Military on this date sixty-six years ago.  



Prior to 1947, air force departments were subordinate divisions of the Army and the Navy, and it has since become the largest air force in the world.




Professional voice actor June Foray was born on September 18, 1917.  She turns 96 years old today.  Although few Americans may know her by name, it is almost inevitable that they have heard her, as her career mirrors the history of 20th-century animation through her voice work in the 1950 Disney film Cinderella as the uncredited voice of Lucifer the Cat, Granny from Warner Brothers' Tweety and Sylvester cartoons, Rocky the Flying Squirrel from Jay Ward's Rocky and Bullwinkle and Smurfette from the cartoon series The Smurfs.

Former teen idol Frankie Avalon celebrates his 73rd birthday today as well.  Familiar to many baby boomers as a singer and movie star often coupled with Annette Funicello in beach-themed comedies, Avalon reached the top of the Billboard charts with thirty-one songs he performed between the late-fifties and the sixties.  He continues to perform, showing off his charm and self-aware sense of humor in reality shows and performances.


I think today's music stinks.  I really do mean that.  -- Frankie Avalon

Answer:  d)