Kim Basinger - March 25, 2014

The American Treasure Tour's "Faces of the Tour" series could hardly be considered complete without the inclusion of Kim Basinger.  The Athens, Georgia native was born in 1953 and admired for her natural beauty since she was a teenager.  At the age of sixteen, she won the Athens Junior Miss beauty contest, which compelled her into the world of modelling, a world she has since admitted gave her no joy.  Deep insecurities made her shun mirrors - which must have been fairly awkward as a model - so she trained as an actor.  Her break into movies came in the early-1980s, most notably as the Bond girl Domino Petachi in Never Say Never Again starring Sean Connery.  

She left acting in the mid-1990s so she could raise the daughter she had with then-husband Alec Baldwin, but was convinced to return to the silver screen for the 1997 film L.A. Confidential.  It proved a wise move, as she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance.  She has remained in front of the camera since then, while also becoming active in animal rights causes.

1997's L.A. Confidential was a film noir set in 1953 and depicts a Hollywood rife with celebrity and police corruption.  Which of the following actors did not appear in the film?

a)  Russell Crowe

b)  David Strathairn

c)  Danny Devito

d)  Hugo Weaving

e)  Guy Pearce

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The year was 1584.  Queen Elizabeth I was the ruler of Great Britain, and Sir Walter Raleigh was one of her favorites. That would change 17 years later when he secretly married one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting, a crime for which he spent some time in the Tower of London.  But for now, he received preferential treatment, and on this day he was granted a patent to colonize unsettled land in the New World, in what was loosely called Virginia.  His effort became Fort Raleigh (in modern-day North Carolina), known soon enough as "The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island." It was the first English effort to establish a permanent foothold in America, but unfortunately things went badly.  Raliegh lost quite a bit of money on the venture but, more significantly, he also lost his entire colony.  When an English ship went to the island after a three year absence to replenish their supplies, no survivors remained.  What happened to them remains a mystery to this day.  The site is preserved as a part of the National Park Service.

There is no technological development that has had a greater impact on access to information in the world than the computer and the internet.  And there is no greater resource on the internet for information than the wiki.  Wikis are defined as "user-editable websites," which means that information can be added, removed or changed by the average reader.  The most famous wiki is undoubtedly Wikipedia, which consists of over thirty million articles written in 287 different languages, that was created in January 2001.  But Wikipedia was not the first wiki.  That was WikiWikiWeb, released on March 25th, 1995.  Ward Cunningham was the creator and original programmer for WikiWikiWeb, and also the man who adopted the Hawaiian-language word for "fast" that he attached to his invention.  Although the user-editable nature of wikis has put their integrity in question over the years, they have proven an easy and effective way for people across the world to access knowledge.


There's no doubt that becoming a mother was the greatest thing I'll ever do. - Kim Basinger

Answer:  d)  Hugo Weaving