QUESTION:  Which of the following animals is not a marsupial?
A)  Possum
B)  Platypus
C)  Quokka
D)  Tasmanian Devil

The American Treasure Tour is a wonderful destination for family members of all ages. We have something for everyone, including the animal lovers in your life. Now, for the sake of full disclosure, the animals we have here on the Tour are not and never have been alive. Some of them may fool you because they look just that good, some are animated, too. Which is to say they were designed to move when they receive an electric charge. One of the less realistic, but in no less adorable, of our animations is a collection of koala bears hanging out near our Mammoth military band organ.

Koalas are not bears.  They are marsupials, just like kangaroos.  When they're born, they are not quite developed, so their moms have pouches in which they are carried until they are large enough to make it on their own.  They are native to Australia's east coast, and gravitate towards eucalyptus forests. The leaves of the eucalyptus lack nutrients, which leaves koalas ... well, tired. Point of fact, koalas average twenty hours of sleep a day.  Although almost painfully cute, koalas are not known for having the friendliest dispositions and spend most of their time in the wild alone.  They have some of the smallest brains in proportion to their bodies of any mammals, but are still able to adapt to almost any situation. As the human population increasingly moves into their natural habitat, they survive in urban territory.  Give a koala a eucalyptus and enough leaves, and it can live anywhere.  So come to the American Treasure Tour to see our special little koalas, then travel to Australia to see them in the wild. 

ANSWER:  B)  Platypus. All the others carry their babies in pouches. If you have never heard of a quokka before, it's time to enlighten yourself. They are, quite simply, adorable.