K.T. Oslin - Wednesday, January 27, 2015

1987 was a big year for Kay Toinette (K.T.) Olsin, the Arkansas-born and Texas-raised New York actor, songwriter, and singer.  She'd already had a somewhat full career by then, having writted songs for already-accomplished country musicians including The Judds and Dottie West, and had performed on stage and recorded jingles for television commercials.  1987 changed all that, because it was the year she released her own solo album, 80's Ladies.  The title track from the album did quite well, as did a few of its other tracks, and helped earn her the Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Grammy Award for Song of the Year.  In fact, the album reached the number one spot and went platinum - quite impressive for a first effort.

By that time, K.T. was 45 years old.  She recorded This Woman the next year, but found the concert circuit draining.  She has since slowed down substantially, and recorded four more albums from 1990 through 2015, as well as releasing a few compilations including Greatest Hits: Songs from an Ageing Sex Bomb.  She's still out there, occasionally playing live, but mostly just being mellow.
QUESTION:  Shortly after her success with 80's Ladies, K.T. did a duet with what other musicians for the song "Face to Face"?
A)  Alabama
B)  The Oak Ridge Boys
C)  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
D)  Lynyrd Skynyrd

ATHENS OF AMERICA.  On this day in 1785, a new college was officially opened in the then-hamlet of Athens, Georgia.  It would become the University of Georgia, and was the first public university in the brand new United States - so new the Constitution had not yet even been considered let alone ratified.  Of course, many, many more were to follow, but this was the trend setter.

MARY BAILEY!  Born on this day in 1927 was the talented movie and television actress Donna Reed, on what must have been an exceptionally cold day in Denison, Iowa.  Unable to afford college to get a degree for teaching, Reed moved to Los Angeles, where the encouragement of others led to an acting career that earned her an Academy Award in 1953 for her performance in From Here to Eternity and a place in the hearts of many Americans for her many beloved roles in other films and for her own television show, which ran for eight years. She died in 1986, just shy of her 65th birthday.

QUOTE:  When you handle yourself, use your head; when you handle others, use your heart. - Donna Reed

ANSWER:  A)  Alabama.  The song became a number 1 hit ... for Alabama