Larry Elgart

QUESTION:  What was Larry Elgart's older brother's name?
A)  Levy
B)  Les
C)  Leonard
D)  Francis

The year was 1922.  Warren Harding was President of the United States, the Ford Model T was selling like hotcakes, and a baby boy was born into the Elgart family of New London, Connecticut. He would be named Larry.  Both his parents and his older brother were musicians, so it only made sense that Larry would join them.  Larry's instrument of choice was the alto saxophone, and he excelled at it.  During the heyday of the big band era of the 1940's, Larry and his brother played in jazz ensembles alongside such luminaries as Woody Herman and Tommy Dorsey, eventually creating establishing their own ensemble.  They hired Nelson Riddle as one of their arrangers but, unfortunately, it did not survive, so the Elgarts played in the orchestras of other leaders into the Fifties.  But their time would come.

They recorded a song called "Bandstand Boogie" in 1954 that became the theme song for a television program called American Bandstand.  It would be heard in homes for thirty-four years.  And then, in 1982, Larry Elgart orchestrated a song called "Hooked on Swing," taking advantage of a short-lived craze for medley music.  Blending many of the best-known swing music fromt he 1940's, Elgart cracked the Billboard Pop and Adult Contemporary charts.

Larry's head shot is displayed, appropriately enough, in our Music Room, posing with what looks like a clarinet to the uninformed (yours truly), but is actually a soprano saxophone (as explained by our professional cellist, Isaac).

ANSWER:  B)  Les