QUESTION:  Which paper roll arranger that the American Treasure Tour honors began his career perforating on a  Leebarjan machine?
A)  "Row" Whitlock
B)  Cassius Coolidge
C)  Johannes Seeburg
D)  J. Lawrence Cook

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of pieces of automatic music machines here at the American Treasure Tour.  Machines produced by American companies including deKleist, Wurlitzer, Seeburg, Link, Coinola, North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works, Berrywood, and many, many more.  There are a number of foreign-made machines, too, including Arburo, Frer Decap and Mortier.  We are very proud of that, but recognize none of it would make much of a difference if there was no music to play on any of them.  In the days before MIDI, the only way to hear music on any of these machines was with paper rolls and cardboard books.  It took an expert to create these rolls, and they needed the proper tools to do it well.  One such piece was called the Leabarjan Perforator.

The Leabarjan was named after the three men who established the company to make them available to music lovers:  John LEAse was the man who actually invented the ingenious machine. Carl BARtels was pivotal in the development of the company, but it never would have happened without the financial backing of a man named JANzen. They opened their doors in 1911, and produced the machines until 1928.  When they closed their doors, they blamed the increased popularity of the phonograph.  Sadly, none of the investors were ever able to claim even a single cent in dividends from their invention.  Almost as sad, the American Treasure Tour currently does not have a Leabarjan Perforator in our collection. They are a highly coveted piece, and we would certainly be interested in knowing if you happen to have an extra one lying around....

ANSWER:  D)  J. Lawrence Cook