Leo Sayer

QUESTION:  Leo Sayer's manager for many years was Adam Faith, who was also a singer/songwriter.  What was Adam's first UK number one hit song?
A)  "What Do You Want?"
B)  "Poor Me"
C)  "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
D)  "How About That?"

Today's blog is celebrating a super-mega-double-triple platinum album from the 1970's.  1976 to be exact.  Leo Sayer's Endless Flight.  And in reality, it was double platinum, but only in Canada. In Great Britain and the United States it only reached platinum.  (Little known fact: no album prior to 1976 ever achieved even single platinum status because there was no such designation as a platinum-selling record prior to that year - only gold records.  Gold means 500,000 copies sold, platinum means 1,000,000.  Double platinum, logically, means 2,000,000 sold.)  Endless Flight does have some classic songs on it, including "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and "When I Need You," two favorites for many people who managed to make it through the 1970's in the wake of Watergate and Vietnam.  Good times.

Meanwhile, Leo Sayer was singing away in England.  Endless Flight was actually his fourth album.  He began his musical career under the tutelage of prestigious British musicians Adam Faith and David Courtney, both of whom had achieved some celebrity prior to joining up with Sayer. Unfortunately for Sayer, Faith was a far better musician than he was a manager. Not long after the massive success achieved with Endless Flight, Sayer discovered that much of his fortune had disappeared because of bad investments Faith had made. Naturally, Sayer fired him, only to hire another manager with limited ability who would by no means help Sayer out. He couldn't even afford to sue his new manager thanks to his financial troubles. But he pulled out of it by touring his adopted country of Australia.  Sayer is still out there doing his thing, although we can hope he's found someone more reliable to manage his money for him. Regardless, we can still enjoy his music.  After all, he truly does make us feel like dancing.

ANSWER:  A)  What Do You Want? from 1959.  His only other number one was Poor Me, released the next year.