Les Brown and the Band of Renown

QUESTION:  Les Brown's grandson, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, was co-creator of what animated program?
A)  The Simpsons
B)  Phineas and Ferb
C)  Tom and Jerry
D)  The Animaniacs

We know exactly what you're thinking - and we worry about that, too.  But seriously, you've probably been wondering if all of the head shots hanging in the Music Room here at the American Treasure Tour are devoted to actors who starred in silent films you've never seen, or what?  Well, no.  We have head shots of all sorts of actors, from Ramon Navarro (obviously) to Julia Roberts.  But we also have head shots of people in other fields, including game shows (Vanna White) to reality television (Donald Trump) to big band leaders (Les Brown).  And that is where we stop for today:  Les Brown, born in 1912 in Reinerton, Pennsylvania, became a beloved leader of a big band whose career lasted for nearly seven decades.  He started at an early age, while a student at Duke University in North Carolina, with his band Les Brown and the Blue Devils, before moving on to establish the more-famousLes Brown and the Band of Renown.

Likable, talented and prolific, Les Brown may not be a household name today, but he certainly made his mark in music.  He first came into prominence recording "Sentimental Journey" with Doris Day in 1945, which became an unofficial homecoming song for veterans returning to the States at the end of World War II.  After that, he appeared in numerous films and television programs, notably backing Bob Hope on his Christmas Specials and as the house band behind Dean Martin and Steve Allen.  Les performed until shortly before his death in 2001, the same year his son took over the reins of his Band of Renown, which performs to this day in Branson, Missouri. 

ANSWER:  B)  Phineas and Ferb