Levitt Luzern Custer

QUESTION:  Who taught L.L. Custer Latin in high school?
A)  Johannes Latin
B)  Katherine Wright
C)  He was never taught Latin
D)  Paul Dunbar

The collection on display at the American Treasure Tour tells countless stories. The blog's recent exploration of the film Riding on Air shows that by exploring the personalities involved in the creation of one single movie - and we barely captured the lives of the men and women involved in the making of that film. Entrepreneurs, inventors, men and women of great ambition and talent - their work is displayed here at in Oaks, PA as a celebration of innovation, beauty and pleasure. Today we begin an examination of one man who is little known today, but who aspired to achieve success in all of these fields: Levitt Luzern Custer.

L.L.'s father Levitt Elsworth Custer was a dentist by trade and a balloonist by passion.  L.L. inherited his father's love of ballooning, and took it to the next level with his invention of something called a statoscope, a device that read whether a balloon or zeppelin was ascending or descending - difficult to determine when traveling in the air. Custer was a native of the most important city in the United States: Dayton, Ohio. There was nothing about the city itself that led to its significance, per se, except for the fact that it was home to two brothers and the bicycle shop they ran together.  Of course, they were Orville and Wilbur Wright. Orville was seventeen years older than the young visionary, and Custer was fifteen years old when the older Wrights successfully flew their first Flyer on the sands of Kittyhawk, North Carolina. This success would not only change the way people saw the sky, but impacted Custer's life as well. He would embrace airplanes as he had ballooning earlier, becoming an official timer for the Aeronautic Association and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale - quite a prestigious honor at the dawn of air travel. His close association with the Wrights, mostly Orville, would continue until Orville's death.  Of course, these were not his only accomplishments.

ANSWER:  B)  Katherine Wright, the sister of famous flyers Orville and Wilbur Wright.  Paul Dunbar was an accomplished poet from Dayton, Ohio, and a contemporary of the Wrights and Custer.