Little Debbie - Monday, August 24, 2015

Most - if not all - people look back on parts of their childhood with great nostalgia, remembering such times as Christmas or a special birthday party and wishing they could recapture that magic. Sometimes it is possible to trigger happy memories by enjoying a snack treat once loved again. Today, the blog is going to talk about one of those snack treat companies:  Little Debbie.  The Little Debbie story began in the Great Depression, when O.D. and Ruth McKee started selling cakes from the back of their 1928 Willys Whippet around the Chattanooga, Tennessee region to get by.  O.D. was an ambitious man, though, and eventually bought a bakery in Collegedale, TN, where the headquarters for Little Debbie are to this day.  

They did things right and, by the 1960's, the family's cakes and treats had become so popular, they could be found in supermarkets across the country.  They named their company after the then-four year old granddaughter of O.D. and Ruth, whose mother Ellsworth is the current chairperson of the board.  Little Debbie has become the top-selling producer of snack cakes in the United States, grossing a full third of cake sales in the country.  Their three most popular snacks are their Oatmeal Creme Pies, Swiss Cake Rolls, and Nutty Bar Wafer Bars.  In 2012, Little Debbie bought the Drake Cakes brand when its parent company Hostess declared bankruptcy, so now they also own Ring Dings, Yodels and all their tasty treats!  So, why is Little Debbie on one of our pedal cars, you may ask?  We have the very same question!
QUESTION:  Which of the following products is not made in the Little Debbie bakeries?
A)  Ding Dong
B)  Zebra Cake
C)  Banana Pudding Roll
D)  Banana Twins

POOR BUCHANAN.  The Great Depression was easily the most difficult economic time in the United States during the twentieth century; however, few people today know about the Panic of 1857, which began on this day in that very troubled year.  James Buchanan didn't have much luck during his single term in office, in large part because of this terrible financial crisis, widely considered more intense than that of the 1930's and, like the Great Depression, the only thing that pulled the country out of the economic despair was war.  Of course, the Civil War was a pretty terrible thing, too.  Let's talk about something happier....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, R2D2!  Yes, we know we know.  R2D2 is a robot from a movie franchise, so he hardly warrants a birthday celebration.  But the man who gave R2 his 'life,' Kenny Baker, certainly deserves to enjoy the day.  Baker, born in 1934, turns 81 today, which is all the more memorable since he has played the iconic machine in seven movies now, including the newest film, to be released later this year.  While Baker has been in numerous other films during his career spanning six decades, it is for R2D2 that he will be most remembered.

QUOTE:  I started out ice skating for "holiday on Ice," and just got offered the part of R2 by chance. - Kenny Baker

ANSWER:  A)  Ding Dong.  These are Hostess products.