London Spoon

QUESTION:  London is the second-most visited city in the world by international tourists.  What is the first, according to Forbes?
A)  New York City, United States of America
B)  Bangkok, Thailand
C)  Istanbul, Turkey
D)  Paris, France

London Flag.png

Do you think there is a souvenir spoon for sale that reads: "Someone went to London and all I got was this spoon?"  That would be hilarious - especially if you had low standards for what you considered funny. Back in the days before squished pennies and refrigerator magnets became the big mementos for travelers, souvenir spoons were the way to go.  (But not for long, since the first American souvenir spoon emerged in 1891, and the first penny was squished at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.)  Today's spoon honors an incredibly popular destination for American's who speak only English and who don't want to deal with the language barrier:  London, England.  

Rich in more history than you can shale a big stick at, London is an excellent destination for far too many reasons than we can list here, but one primary reason is the museums.  And the shopping.  And the architecture.  And the theater.  Oh, sorry.  And the theatre.  And just the sheer beauty and culture of this remarkably diverse city that, for a time, was the center of "the civilized world," when, as they say, the sun never set on the British Empire.  Now, it's just a real cool place to be.  We are certainly thankful to have a souvenir spoon here at the Treasure Tour to remember our time in London.  Even if we never went there.

ANSWER:  B)  Bangkok, Thailand.  The order is:  1)  Bangkok.  2)  London.  3)  Paris.  4)  Singapore.  5)  New York City.  6)  Istanbul.  7)  Dubai.  8)  Kuala Lumpur.  9)  Hong Kong.  10)  Barcelona