Lost and Found

Today is Lost & Found Day and what better story to share than a man who was lost at sea for 12 days and recently found.  

Ron Ingraham age 67 and a fisherman from Hawaii was lost at sea since Thanksgiving Day this year.  He got caught in a storm during his voyage that normally takes a half a day and he put out a mayday call as his boat was in danger of sinking.  

The Coast Guard searched and searched and finally gave up and Memorial services were planned.  Ingraham made one last ditch mayday call on his radio by sticking a wire hanger on it to use as an antenna and this time, someone heard his distress call.

He was picked up by the crew of the USS Paul Hamilton and was in a weakened condition having lived on fish that he caught and surviving off the moisture from them.

The best party of this story is his son and he had been estranged for fifteen years and now because of his near death experience are making plans for a reunion.


Ron Ingraham shown here with US Navy personnel on board the USS Paul Hamilton after his rescue.

Ron Ingraham shown here with US Navy personnel on board the USS Paul Hamilton after his rescue.


“Happiness is a simple game of lost and found: Lose the things you take for granted, and you will feel great happiness once they are found.” 
Michelle E. Goodrich


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Woody!  What kid or grown up for that matter doesn't like Toy Story and the lovable Woody?
We have him here at the American Treasure Tour and many more pop culture icons mixed in with our classic automobiles and old time music.  Our treasure bring out your smiles!

Today's Trivia Question:
Most people know that Tom Hanks did the voice for Woody and Tim Allen did the voice for Buzz Lightyear.  Who was offered the voice part for Buzz before Allen?
a.  Jim Carrey     b.  Chevy Chase    c.  Bruce Willis
answer below:


Today is Bob Barker's Birthday.  Mr. Barker was born on this date in 1923

Chevy Chase was offered the part of Buzz Lightyear before Tim Allen but turned it down.