Louise Brooks - Actor in Beggars of Life

QUESTION:  During the height of her popularity as an actress, Louise Brooks attended numerous functions at the famous San Simeon, known also as the Hearst Castle.  Who was the owner of the residence?
A)  Patty Hearst
B)  Patrick Hearst
C)  William Hearst
D)  Sal Hearst

During the 1920's, America offered dramatic change in the lives of women - they gained the right to vote through a Constitutional Amendment, cigarette smoking became socially acceptable (maybe not such a great thing, really), and fashion now allowed women to dress comfortably - the corset was finally a thing of the past. Louise Brooks, star of the 1928 film Beggars of Life, became a model for the flapper during the decade of the Twenties. Born near Wichita, Kansas in 1906, she was a natural on the dance floor by her teen years, and pursued a career on stage. She was in the chorus of the Ziegfield Follies in 1925 when she caught the eye of Paramount Pictures' producer Walter Wanger, who convinced her to sign a five year contract. (1925 was a big year for Brooks - she was also noticed by comedian Charlie Chaplin, with whom she had a brief affair.)  

Beggars of Life - Poster.jpg

Brooks became one of the most popular actresses of the late-20's. By the time she starred in Beggars for Life, her name had become closely associated with the carefree flapper mentality sweeping the nation. Her famous short "bob" haircut was emulated by young women everywhere, and she could pretty much the films in which she starred. She socialized with all the most famous actors in Hollywood, and married the established British director A. Edward Sutherland in 1926. They stayed together only two years. Really, the only problem was that Brooks hated acting and the world of Hollywood. When her contract with Paramount ended, she moved to Germany to act for G.W. Pabst. Then, a few random movies aside, she was done. She was thirty-six years old when she resorted to becoming a high-priced ball girl for wealthy New Yorkers. Fortunately, she got out of that and turned to writing; her memoirs, about Hollywood, and about Germany between the wars. By the time she passed away in 1985, she had been out of the film industry for almost fifty years.

ANSWER:  C)  William Hearst, also known as William Randolph Hearst.  Patty was his equally famous granddaughter.