QUESTION:  Which of the following casinos is NOT located in Las Vegas, NV?
A)  Flamingo
B)  Bellagio
C)  Taj Mahal
D)  Stratosphere

Last week, the American Treasure Tour received a wonderful little collection of paper matchbooks that have been placed on display in our Toy Box, which is why we dedicated blog entries to the history and collecting of matchbooks last week.  Today, we would like to highlight some of the companies that advertise on the matchbooks displayed in our collection, beginning with the Luxor hotel and casino, located on the famous Las Vegas strip.  

When it was built in 1993, the Luxor was quite a site to see.  The tallest structure on the strip at the time, and the size of the Red and Bent Pyramids in Lower (northern) Egypt, it remains the fifth-largest hotel in the city, the tenth largest in the world. There are 4,407 rooms, including 442 suites, as well as a casino floor with over two thousand slot machines and eighty-seven gaming tables.  Atop the pyramid is a xenon light that shines into the sky, announcing the presence of the Luxor not only to the people on the strip, but to airplanes passing by. It may also very well be the world's most effective bug attractor, bringing insects and moths to the pyramid from all over the region.  All said and done, the Luxor is quite a casino to experience. Inside is a museum dedicated to the story of the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamen. But more significantly for this blog, they have printed up matchbooks over the years as well.  

ANSWER:  C)  Taj Mahal.  This Trump property is located in Atlantic CIty, NJ and is slated to close its doors on October 10th.  Interested in buying it?