Lynn Anderson

QUESTION:  What was Lynn Anderson's father's name?
A)  James
B)  Casey
C)  Britt
D)  Garth

As we continue admiring the record albums displayed in our Music Room, we have to as a question about the highly regarded country musician Lynn Anderson:  did she have a choice as to what her adult career was going to be?  Her mother, Liz Anderson, began her musical career in 1964 and has been compared to her contemporary, Loretta Lynn, for giving voice to women at a time when few were heard. She was a highly accomplished songwriter and singer in her own right, but when her nineteen year old daughter Lynn showed an interest in singing, Liz not only took the backseat but gave Lynn her best material to record. Lynn quickly became a great success with her mom's song "Ride, Ride, Ride."  Her star continued to rise with the 1970 hit "(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden," which proved popular on both the country and pop charts.

In 1972, Lynn Anderson released two albums - Cry and Listen to a Country Song. The latter is the subject of today's blog.  The popular album had two hit singles - "Listen to a Country Song" and "Fool Me," both reaching the number four spot on the charts, and only one song written by Liz included, track ten (of eleven): "It Don't Do No Good to Be a Good Girl." The album reached number three, and Lynn's career would continue for four more decades. She recorded thirty-four studio albums, sixteen compilations, two live albums, one tribute album, and seventy-four singles. She never retired, passing away at the age of 67 in 2015.

ANSWER:  B)  Casey