Cheryl Ladd - March 10, 2014

As we ride our electric tram through the American Treasure Tour's Toy Box series of "Faces of the Tour," we cannot help but acknowledge the abundance of angels who grace our walls.  We have already talked about Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Tanya Roberts.  It stands to reason, then, that Cheryl Ladd would also make an appearance, doesn't it?  And so she does today!

Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor is a South Dakota native born in 1951.  She took the name of her first husband David when they married in 1973 - he is the son of film noir anti-hero and western star Alan Ladd - and kept it after their 1982 divorce.  Cheryl went to Hollywood as a 19 year-old aspiring musician.  After giving voice to the character Melody in Josie & the Pussycats, she stumbled into acting parts, most notably as Kris Munroe, the younger sister of Farrah Fawcett's Jill on Charlie's Angels.  She skyrocketed to fame and has turned that into a lifelong career in numerous television movies and series, which she continues to do to this day, while also playing and writing about her love of golf.


In 1978, the record album Cheryl Ladd was released in the United States, including the minor hit "Thinking It Over," which reached #34 on the Billboard Music Charts.  What other song was recorded for the album that would prove a major hit for Dionne Warwick the next year?

a)  "I'll Never Love This Way Again"

b)  "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"

c)  "That's What Friends Are For"

d)  "Walk On By"

e)  "I Say A Little Prayer"

Answer Below


Today in 1804, the size of the United States practically doubled when the formal ceremonies took place in the Mississippi River-based town of St. Louis, Missouri, officially transferring ownership of the Louisiana Territory from France to America.  Napoleon Bonaparte decided to sell the 828,000 square miles of land for $16 million dollars to President Thomas Jefferson, in part so that he could fund a pending war with Great Britain.  Although the purchase was technically unconstitutional, we are grateful Jefferson bought it.  Otherwise, Cheryl Ladd would not be an American citizen!

The ATT blog simply cannot get enough of the great American inventor Alexander Graham Bell.  It was 138 years ago today (that's the year 1876, if you don't want to do the math) since Mr. Bell figured it out.  The first successful telephone call occurred at his lab in Boston, Massachusetts, when he called his assistant with the fateful words, "Mr. Watson.  Come here, I need you."  Imagine Watson's surprise to hear that through the device they had been working long hours on!  If only they could see where the technology has gone....


Everybody has a birthday, regardless of what they have done in their lives.  On this day in 1928, James Earl Ray entered the world.  Although his parents likely hoped their son would do good for himself, his name is forever linked to the tragic assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr, a crime for which he spent thirty years of a ninety-nine year sentence in jail - excepting a three day stint in 1977 when he escaped the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee, before he was caught and returned.  

Answer:  a)  "I'll Never Love This Way Again" reached #5 on the U.S. Charts and earned Warwick a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.