Kelly LeBrock - March 7, 2014

The American Treasure Tour blog can't help ourselves from continuing our examination of the "Faces of the Tour."  Today:  Kelly LeBrock.  Born in 1960 New York and raised in London, England, this natural beauty began her modelling career at the young age of 16.  One of her most famous jobs as a model was in television commercials for Pantene shampoo, when she exclaimed, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." We forgive you, Kelly.

In the 1980s, she was cast as a 'dream girl' in a number of films, most notably in her film debut,  starring opposite Gene Wilder in 1984's The Woman in Red, then again the next year in Weird Science.  Her career slowed down after starring with then-husband Steven Seagal in 1990's Hard to Kill, but LeBrock is ready for her comeback.  The world is waiting...!


In the 1985 John Hughes film Weird Science, friends Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Iian Mitchell-Smith) were inspired by the classic movie Frankenstein to create the perfect woman (Kelly LeBrock).  What Oscar-nominated actor played the bully Ian?

a)  Rob Lowe

b)  Steven Seagal

c)  Bill Paxton

d)  Bill Pullman

e)  Robert Downey Jr.

Answer Below


Women have come a long way in the last one hundred years!  Consider that the Constitutional Amendment granting them the right to vote did not come until 1920 - not even a century ago - and that many employers refused to hire them solely based on their gender until much more recently than that, the hurdles that women in our country have overcome is quite remarkable. For centuries, men insisted that the woman's place was in the home, and nowhere else.  On this day in 1908, Mark Breith, the Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, expressed his concern that, "Women are not physically fit to operate automobiles."  He was wrong, of course, as have all the male pundits who claimed that women were less capable.  In fact, it can easily be argued that women surpass men in most arenas, now that they finally have the opportunity to prove themselves.

Musical history was made on this day in 1985, when a song - one little song - broke all sales records.  It was the first single to ever go multiple platinum.  "We Are The World" was the song, and its proceeds - amounting to 65 million dollars - went to help relieve famine victims in Africa.  The song was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie, and engaged a who's who of musicians ranging from Biily Joel to Bob Dylan, Cyndi Lauper to Tina Turner.  All tolled, over forty celebrities were involved in creating this anthem for aid.  It was remade in 2010 in the effort to help the victims of the tragic earthquake that shook Haiti that year.


For eight years, Laura Prepon starred as Donna Pinciotti on the popular sit-com That 70s Show (with yesterday's ATT headliner Tanya Roberts as her mom, by the by).  The young actor from Watchung, New Jersey is turning 34 years old today, and although her life in the 70s is officially over, she is enjoying the limelight again in the critically-acclaimed Netflix original program Orange Is the New Black, playing a convict in a women's prison in a story inspired by the true-life memoir of Piper Kerman.  Happy birthday, Laura!

I could be like everyone else and stop eating, but that wouldn't make me happy. - Kelly LeBrock

Answer:  e)  Robert Downey Jr.