QUESTION:  Which of the following tasty treats is not produced by the Mars Company?
A)  Snickers
B)  Almond Joy
C)  Twix
D)  M & Ms

Yes, the heading for today's blog says Mars.  No, it is not the planet.  It is the seventh largest privately held company in the United States - Mars, Incorporated.  The first attempt of company founder Franklin Clarence Mars to make a living off of sweets was in 1911, while living in Tacoma, Washington.  That business failed, so he returned to his home state of Minneapolis.  The current company opened their doors in 1920 as Mars-O-Bar.  They found success with a candy bar inspired by a milkshake that they named Milky Way.  It became a hit, and the company survived, moving to Chicago, Illinois.  They are still there, as well as in at least twenty other towns in the United States and Canada.  They also appear in Europe and, well, pretty much across the world.

Still family owned, Mars produces many favorite candy bars, such as 3 Musketeers, as well as Life Savers, Altoids, Star Burst, bubblegum - ever heard of Wrigley? - Uncle Ben's Rice, Kudos bars, numerous different pet food lines, and numerous other products.  If you recall, we put out a blog a few months ago dedicated to Nestle - one of the largest providers of food in the world.  Now, it turns out, Mars is another industrial power.  If there is one lesson to learn from all this, it is that chocolate is a great way to begin the process of taking over the world!

And, if you're asking yourself what Mars has to do with the American Treasure Tour, well, we don't know exactly.  But we are confident that you can make a valid connection if you really try. 

ANSWER:  B)  Almond Joy.  They are all Hershey