Kenny Rogers - May 2, 2014

The seemingly endless collection of records covering the walls of the Music Room (not completely like musical wallpaper!) brings us to one of the most popular musicians to reach fans of country AND pop music of all time - Kenny Rogers!  Don't be surprised that his albums are on our walls, and that we are talking about him.  You knew it would happen.  Rogers' success has spanned seven decades, in bands from the 1950s through the 1970s, and as a solo artist, and reached international proportions.

The Houston, Texas native had his first hit at the age of twenty, 1958's "That Crazy Feeling." From there, he played in bands, including The New Christy Minstrels and The First Edition (he sang lead on their 1968 hit "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)").  When he went solo in 1976, things worked out very well for him.  He released a string of hits, including "Lucille" and, most famously, "The Gambler," which many regard as one of the most important country music albums of all time.  It also sparked Rogers' acting career - he was in five separate television movies about The Gambler between 1980 and 1994.  Then, of course, he also opened his chain of fast food chicken restaurants - Kenny Rogers' Roasters.  A very successful and busy man, Rogers continues to perform, and has recently published a memoir.


Kenny Rogers has recorded a number of popular collaborations with different artists.  Of the following artists, who has he made the most songs with?

a)  Allison Krause

b)  Dolly Parton 

c)  Wynonna Judd

d)  Sheena Easton

e)  Ronnie Milsap

Answer Below


Founded today in 1885, Good Housekeeping magazine focused on issues intended to connect with a female audience from the very beginning:  recipes, diet, health, product testing by their very own "Good Housekeeping Research Institute," and articles written by journalists and authors about a wide variety of topics.  Good Housekeeping is one of a very few magazines that actually maintained, if not improved, its subscription rates during the Great Depression.  

As a general rule, the bloggers here at the American Treasure Tour strive to maintain a sense of objectivity as we discuss the important moments in history.  Today, we are compelled to abandon that stance in light of our very important subject:  Jack Benny.  We are fully willing to express our affection for this funny man - and not just because we include a Maxwell on our tour similar to the one he drove on his show.  Benny's career had started small, as a vaudeville performer in forgettable venues.The famously prudish comedian had a landmark moment on this day in 1932, when he reluctantly began his career in radio.  For twenty-three years, first on the NBC network, then on CBS, Benny broadcast to an adoring audience before his career moved into television and film.  He spent a lifetime making other people laugh, and we are grateful for it!


On May 2, 1903, a baby boy was born who, as an adult, would impact the lives of more babies - both boy and girl - than almost any other person in the twentieth century.  His name was Benjamin Spock, and he was a psychoanalyst who also published a famous book.  His 1946 book Baby and Child Care became the bible for how to raise children for millions of families in America and overseas.  In fact, the only book that outsold Baby and Child Care for over half a century was the real Bible.  Before he ever published, though, Spock made a name for himself as a rower.  He even won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1924, while he was a student at Yale University. 

No May 2nd birthday celebration would ever be complete without a call-out to our favorite Taurus - Lesley Gore!  Turning 68 today, Gore (nee Goldstein) rocked the music world at the young age of sixteen when she recorded the song "It's My Party," and turned it into a popular hit.  She remained on the charts for a number of years with songs including "Judy's Turn to Cry," "You Don't Own Me," and "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows," and even starred in a few episodes of the popular cult television show Batman during its peak.  Since the Sixties, Gore has become a spokesperson for LGBT groups and continues to sing her old favorites.

QUOTE:  "This is Jack Benny talking.  There will be a slight pause while you say, 'Who Cares?'" - Jack Benny

Answer:  b)  Dolly Parton.  From 1983's "Islands in the Stream" to 2013's "You Can't Make Old Friends," the duo has sung a number of popular songs together.