Monday at the Museum

House on the Rock.jpg

The American Treasure Tour is a unique place - it is a museum, but it's unlike any other museum you have ever experienced.  There's no plexiglass between you and the objects on display, and no piercing whistle will go off if you get too close to any of our treasures. We provide a tram ride to take you through our wonderful collection of collections. Some of the visitors who come to see the Tour tell us we remind them of other places around the country.  One of those places is all the way out in Wisconsin, called The House on the Rock.  

Opened in 1959, the House on the Rock was the vision of a man named Alex Jordan Jr. and an expression of his wild imagination. It is definitely worth including on any visit to Wisconsin, but we would argue that the primary difference between the House and the Treasure Tour is in presentation: we strive to preserve original American artifacts, while Jordan often altered them to fit his vision.  So, when you're in mid-America, put aside a few hours to explore the House on the Rock.  When you're on the east coast, the American Treasure Tour is a must see.  On the west coast, now that's another blog entirely.