Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Friday, we were talking a little bit about the dolls in the American Treasure Tour collection, most notably Fibi from the Annette Himstedt collection.  Today, we are going to spend a little time with Manon, produced by the French dollmakers Mundia.  France dominated the doll industry in the 19th century; however, Germany began to dominate the doll trade by the early 1900s, then the United States.  All this to say that Mundia is a rare and respected company. They began in the 1940s as a toy company run by Gerard Hadijan, only introducing dolls a few years later when Marita, Gerard's wife, took an interest in production.  Their children, Christine and Cecile, inherited the business and manage a number of designers of dolls.  Manon was produced in the year 2000.

QUESTION:  Archaeologists consider a stone doll head dating 4,000 years to be the oldest surviving toy in existence.  Where was that found?

A)  Cairo, Egypt
B)  Baltimore, United States of America
C)  Pantelleria, Italy
D)  Bath, England

Answer Below

TELEVISION HISTORY:  Traditionally, new television series debuted in September.  Of course, it's common to have new shows begin in January today, but who could have guessed that one of the most controversial situation comedies to ever air would have premiered in January way back in 1971?  Well, today celebrates 44 years since All In the Family made its network debut on the CBS Network (one of four national channels available at the time, along with ABC, NBC and PBS).  For the next eight years, the Bunker family addressed subjects so controversial that some of them would likely be rejected for airtime today!

CALL OF THE BIRTHDAY:  On this day in 1876 was born a young boy to an unhappy mother. The father of the boy abandoned the family and the mother could not handle the responsibility of raising a baby>  She shot herself, but fortunately survived, while the baby was largely raised by others.  It was definitely a tough way to start a life, but Jack London was as tough as they came.  From his challenging world debut to his life of adventure travelling in Alaska looking for gold, exposing the horrible conditions of the poor in London, England, or taking a leaky boat and an inexperienced crew from California to Hawaii, London was a colorful character.  He only lived for forty years, but filled each one with experiences he was able to convert to stories.  His books, including Call of the Wild, White Fang, and many others, live on, telling tales that still engage readers of all ages.

QUOTE:  Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor hand well.  - Jack London

Answer:  C)  Pantelleria, Italy.  It was buried in a ruin, and described as having curly hair. Miniature kitchenware was found nearby.