Montgomery Clift - October 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Montgomery Clift! Born Edward Montgomery Clift in Nebraska 94 years ago, he made his Broadway debut at the age of 15 and continued working on the stage for the next decade. His first movie role was opposite John Wayne in 1948’s Red River, for which he earned an Academy Award nomination. He was nominated again for his second film, The Search and followed that up with the Oscar-nominated The Heiress. In 1951, he starred as a brooding boy from the wrong side of the tracks who falls for the wealthy socialite Elizabeth Taylor in A Place in the Sun, and they began a lifelong friendship. Despite Clift’s successful career, he faced a number of demons, including alcoholism and an addiction to painkillers. Sadly, Marilyn Monroe described him as "the only person I know who is in worse shape than I am." Thankfully, we're left with several brilliant performances for which we can remember Clift.


Clift was a method actor. What did he do to prepare for his role in A Place in the Sun?

a) Spent a night in prison

b) Worked in a factory for a week

c) Went undercover to several events in high society

d) Dated Shelley Winters

Answer below!


“Tell mama everything.” Love blossoms, nay, smolders between Clift and Taylor in A Place in the Sun.

Clift wails on the trumpet in From Here to Eternity.


Good dialogue simply isn't enough to explain all the infinite gradations of a character. It's behavior -- it's what's going on behind the lines.

~Montgomery Clift



a) Clift spent a night in a real state prison.