QUESTION:  In what year was the first FM stereo installed in an automobile?
A)  1939
B)  1948
C)  1952
D)  1959

The name Motorola was almost as interchangeable with the words 'car radio' like Band-Aid is to adhesive bandage for decades.  They created the first practical car radio in 1930.  Before them, it cost upwards of $200 to install a radio in a car (and in 1922, that was a LOT of money).  They also took up an exceptional amount of space, between the batteries to charge them and the large speakers to hear them.  That all changed when two brothers - Paul and Joseph Galvin - formed Motorola and developed something called a battery eliminator.  Of course, putting radios in every car inspired some controversy.  

Many people were concerned that the new innovation would prove a dangerous distraction to car drivers - they might be too busy changing stations to notice the traffic around them.  Yes, that sounds similar to the concerns modern cell phone users receive when they talk on the phone while driving.  The Galvins moved on to create the first car-radio receivers for police departments, walkie-talkies, and eventually some of the fundamentals behind cell phone technology.

In 2011, Motorola split into two companies.  Motorola Mobility was bought up by Google, while Motorola Solutions is invested mostly into police technologies.

ANSWER:  C)  1952