So. We have a serious question for you.  Do you like music?  

To be honest, if you don't enjoy a good song now and again, regardless of what genre it is, we might not know how to take it if you said, simply, "No."  Music is an integral part of being human, and we are glad we can share all sorts of music with guests here at the American Treasure Tour. Of course, our music tends to fall into two categories:  fun and awesome. Okay fine. We don't have any Jay-Z or Justin Bieber - the Double J, as we like to think of them - but we do have an amazing collection of sass, ragtime, classical, bluegrass and even Broadway musicals. 

The clip attached here is of The Emperor. The Emperor is in our collection, BUT this video predates us. This actually comes from the 1960's, when the machine was recorded for a Coca-Cola advertisement.

It looks a little sad and lonely in the video - but just come to the American Treasure Tour to see it in its full glory, surrounded by its new, weird family!