Music Box Society

There is truly something magical about music boxes. One of the earliest forms of music ever played without a live musician, the mechanical elements of the music box are fascinating - hand crank them or wind the coil so that it can unwind automatically, little teeth in a comb rub up against the pins on a barrel or disc to make beautiful music. It can sound ethereal, quiet, loud, or just plain amazing. One thing you may not realize is that there are many music boxes out there that also include tiny drums and bells, as well. Of course, miniature dancers famously complement some boxes, too.

The Music Box Society International (MBSI) presents dozens of beautiful and elaborate music boxes here at the American Treasure Tour. Visitors on guided tours get to see and hear a selection of their boxes, including a chair that has a musical cylinder machine located under the seat of a hand-carved chair made at the turn of the twentieth century in Switzerland. Sit on the chair, the music will happen. (Okay, don't REALLY sit on the chair. That would be very bad. But watch your guide press down on the chair and listen to the melody that triggers.)

Cylinders, discs, barrels, and all sort of music boxes are displayed in the Music Room here at the  American Treasure Tour - a true feast for the ears. And, if you appreciate the art of handcrafted woodwork, the craftsmanship in these is beyond compare!