My Fellow Americans - Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Back in the old days, way back in the 1990s, there was something out there called a "video store." People would go into one of these stores to rent movies - either in dvd or vhs (don't worry about it if you don't know what those letters stand for).  If you didn't know what you wanted to see, you could check out categories of movies:  comedy, romance, war, thriller, children.  Whatever you wanted.  Well, if there was a category for presidential, today's film would be at the top of the stack.

My Fellow Americans is an unusual comedy/road film/political drama because its main characters are former presidents of the United States on the lam.  Originally, Walter Matthau was slated to star opposite Jack Lemmon as bickering exes, but health problems compelled Matthau to bow out.  James Garner took the spot, and Dan Aykroyd played acting President William Haney, with some not-so-nice plans for his predecessors' future.  The film has some good laughs and an interesting story, a better presidential comedy to be sure.
QUESTION:  What actor plays former First Lady Margaret Kramer?
A)  Ann-Margret
B)  Lauren Bacall
C)  Shirley MacLaine
D)  Gilda Radner

LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS.  Many leaders of different Native American leaders have been remembered by history.  Some achieved fame as peace seekers, some as warriors unwilling to compromise their standards to comply with the American government.  Many of the most famous warriors could not be beaten in battle, so the United States Army practiced attrition - forcing them to surrender.  Crazy Horse of the Oglala Sioux was one of these men, and he did so on this day in 1877.  Unfortunately, his surrender didn't end well.  Only four months after he laid down his arms, he was bayoneted to death by a military guard.

CITIZEN WELLES.  Today in 1915 was very important for the Wells (Welles) family of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Their baby, Orson, would grow up to be one of the most famous - and notorious - movie directors ever to be born in the United States.  His first film was 1941's Citizen Kane, considered by many film buffs as one of - if not the - best movies ever made.  Unfortunately, Welles' personality rubbed many the wrong way, and his efforts to follow up Kane with another revolutionary film were consistently hindered, until he became better associated with commercials to sell peas than with great cinema.  He died in 1985.

QUOTE:  Nobody gets justice.  People only get good luck or bad luck.  - Orson Welles

ANSWER:  B)  Lauren Bacall