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The American Treasure Tour blog continues its Tuesday weekly exploration of music displayed here in our collection with a band that many of us have heard of, but maybe don't know much about - Pablo Cruise. For example, the humble author of today's entry has always been aware of the band, but kinda sorta thought that Pablo was the name of the leader of the band. Turns out, that's not the case. Like Jethro Tull or Monty Python (they both released records!), Pablo Cruise was a collective name.  When asked which bandmate was Pablo, the four members would explain that he was "the one in the middle." They also said that Pablo stood for "an honest, real, down to earth individual," and Cruise was the fun-loving side of his character. The band, formed in 1973 by Cory Lerios, David Jenkins and Steve Price (formerly of Stoneground), and Bud Cockerel (from It's a Beautiful Day), are best known for soft-rock classics they recorded into the early-80's.

"Worlds Away" was their fourth album - and easily their most successful.  Released in 1978, it reached as high as #6 on the charts in the U.S., with its biggest hit being the second track on side a, "Love Will Find a Way." The platinum-selling album also had two smaller hits to it. Pablo Cruise recorded seven albums in its decade-long initial run. They have since had a few reunions and continues to tour, primarily in their home state of California.