NEWSFLASH! American Treasure Tour now open Saturdays!

QUESTION:  What will be the first Saturday during which the American Treasure Tour will be officially open for general admission?
A)  Saturday, June 4, 2016
B)  June 4, 2016, which is a Saturday
C)  In the year 2016 on a Saturday in June.  The 4th, to be exact.
D)  All of the Above
ANSWER:  Since they're all the same answer, you can pretty much pick whichever letter you like.  

Yes, it's true!  The exciting reality is that the American Treasure Tour is now set up so that anyone who wants to come in without a group is welcome on Saturdays.  The experience will be a little different than for our group visitors, but everything else is the same.  We discussed the possibility of displaying the collection in a small closet, since a 100,000 square foot space in a former tire factory seemed a little excessive, especially if you tend to hang out at mega warehouse stores, but it was decided that we are not going anywhere.

So come on over to the American Treasure Tour in Oaks, PA.  You can spend your whole day here, really.  Come to the Treasure Tour for the morning, then hit Arnold's Family Fun Center for lunch, bowling, go-karts.  If you need to shop, there's Target for groceries, Lowe's for home goods, BJ's for bulk everything, numerous furniture stores, and to top off the day and relax, the movie theater right next door!  You may need to exercise after that, and you're in luck since Retro Fitness is here, too.  Yes, Oaks is a full day for the entire family, starting with the new open hours for the American Treasure Tour.  We would go into the details of what you're going to experience, but we don't want to spoil the mystery!  See you tomorrow, everyone!!!!!