Night of the Iguana - 11-1

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We at the American Treasure Tour blog recognize the struggle most of you are having as you regroup from the chocolate stupor of last night. 

Today, we are going to return to the subject of movie posters.  The poster of today complements the wall of the Music Room, and it's for a doozy of a movie - 1964's The Night of the Iguana .  Based on a short story written by Tennessee Williams in 1948, if you know anything about Williams you can be sure this is not a comedy.  Set in a hot, steamy, cheap hotel on the Mexican coast, this film tells the story of ex-religious leader Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon, it is a film about relationships, many of which were not so good.  Shannon was defrocked, of sorts, after offering criticisms of the church from his pulpit, only to become suspect of even more reprehensible crimes among a group of beautiful women, including Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, and Sue Lyon.  Controversy upon controversy, this is not light viewing, and certainly not for the light-hearted.  I would recommend enjoying the poster and maybe eating more chocolate before deciding whether or not to watch this film.

QUESTION:  Richard Burton was a celebrated actor who starred in more than sixty films in a career that spanned over thirty-five.  He was nominated for six separate Academy Awards during his career, but never won once.  Which of the following films did not garner him a nomination?

a)  Equus

b)  Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

c)  Becket

d)  The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

e)  Nineteen Eighty-Four

Answer Below. 


White House.jpg

We don't want to upset you, but there are only sixty days left until we enter 2014.   But, one hundred and fourteen years ago today, President John Adams officially moved into the incomplete Executive Mansion in Washington, DC.  In doing so, he fulfilled the commitment made by the Founding Fathers that the federal government would move out of its temporary headquarters in Philadelphia and into the new city before the end of the year 1800.  That said, the Capitol City hardly looked like it does today, with muddy streets and substantially more trees than there were houses.  Unfortunately for Adams, he would only remain at what would one day be referred to as the White House for a few months, since he lost his bid for a second term as president to his former (and future) friend and political rival, Thomas Jefferson.

At a time when many industries are going overseas, we like to celebrate small victories. It was on this date in 1982 when the Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda opened their first American plant.  Located in Marysville, Ohio, they began production on the Honda Accord here.


Just days shy of her 71st birthday, actress and comedienne Marcia Wallace passed away last week.  Beloved by many of one generation as the receptionist for the extremely popular Bob Newhart Show , Wallace is now familiar to many as the voice of Mrs. Krabappel on the animated Fox program The SImpsons , which is entering its 25th season this Fall.

Marcia Wallace.jpg

Wallace will surely be missed on the cartoon, but today can serve as an opportunity to celebrate her life and her work.


Be good to yourself. Listen to your body, to your heart. We're very hard on ourselves, and we're always feeling like we're not doing enough. It's a terribly hard job. - Marcia Wallace 

Answer:  e)  Nineteen Eighty-Four