QUESTION:  Which of the following countries is not traditionally one of the three Scandinavian kingdoms?
A)  Finland
B)  Norway
C)  Denmark
D)  Sweden

We know what you're asking.  Why would the American Treasure Tour blog dedicate an article to the beautiful country of Norway, which is in no way part of America or either of the American continents?  Fear not!  An answer is forthcoming, we promise.  But first, let us give you as brief a synopsis of the story of the rich heritage of this northernmost country as possible!  

Okay, honestly, there's no way to give you a comprehensive history of Norway that would do it any justice.  So here is what we have.  The region now known as both Noreg (in the Nynorsk language) and Norge (in Bokmal) was a collection of small principalities until it was united in the year 872.  Since that time, the monarchy has remained stable - 1,144 years and over sixty kings and earls have represented the country along with its Parliament and Supreme Court. They have clearly done something right, because Norway is rated as one of, if not the, best places to live in the world.  Their standard of living, their education and healthcare systems, and the overall happiness of their people suggest that Norway is a great place to be.  The primary reason for their relative wealth is because of their dominant export:  oil.  Norway is the world's number one producer of oil outside of the Middle East.  It comprises a full quarter of their gross natural product, which is a pretty big deal.

Then there's natural beauty.  Yes, Norway is close to the top of the world, with part of the nation located within the Arctic Circle, so it may not be the best destination for beach hunters; however, the mountains and the fjords prove stunning for visitors.  And now it's time we address why we have dedicated today's blog to Norway.  It's because of someone who traveled to Norway years ago.  We don't know who it was or when they went, but we do know that they brought back a souvenir spoon from this beautiful land up above.  That spoon is on display here at the American Treasure Tour.

ANSWER:  A)  Finland.  Iceland has the same identity crisis.  The short explanation for this is that the word "Scandinavia" traditionally refers to a kingdom established by Denmark that then became associated with the entire peninsula and their territories.