QUESTION:  Why did Domino's Pizza abandon use of the Noid in their commercials?
A)  Too many complaints by customers that pizza deliverers scared their children
B)  Domino's customers thought he looked too much like the devil and took offense
C)  A mentally imbalanced man named Noid thought it was a personal attack against him
D)  Gangs of teenagers tattooed their arms with the Noid and got infections from the tattoos.

The American Treasure Tour has lots of cool stuff that represent many different collections in it. One of those collections is the stuffed animals that fill the Toy Box.  One of the more obscure stuffed animals is of the Noid.  Ever hear of it?  If you ever watched television in the late-1980's, you almost definitely are familiar with this creature that was created as part of an ad campaign by Domino's Pizza.  

So, let's talk a little bit about Domino's Pizza.  They were established in Ypsilanti, Michigan, back in 1960.  Originally DomiNick's, Tom and James Monaghan opened their first shop and used a VW Bug to deliver pizzas.  It did well and Tom wanted to open two more shops.  James got tired of the hours and sold Tom his shares, taking the Bug with him.  And Tom's intention to name both the new shops DomiNick's got blocked, so he changed the name to Domino's after an employee suggested it.  The company succeeded, to put it mildly!  They are currently the largest pizza restaurant in the world, although Pizza Hut has more stores in the United States than them.  In short, Domino's is HUGE!  They have well over ten thousand stores across the world, in approximately 2,900 cities in the United States, 2,800 cities internationally.  They still advertise, though, and their most famous - if short-lived - characters was the Noid.  As in "annoyed."  He was part of a Domino's campaign promising delivery within thirty minutes of placing an order - the Noid tried everything to slow down delivery, but invariably failed.  He became popular.  A Saturday morning cartoon was discussed but ultimately shelved, video games were created for him, and then, three years after his 1986 debut, he disappeared for a very sad reason.  (Take note of the trivia question.)  Now, he is remembered by an over-sized stuffed animal on display here at the American Treasure Tour!

ANSWER:  C)  Kenneth Lamar Noid believed that the Domino's Pizza character was a personal attack against him.  On January 30, 1989, he held hostage at gunpoint two employees at an Atlanta, Georgia-based Domino's for five hours.  He demanded a free pizza, $100,000, a getaway vehicle, and the book The Widow's Son.  He eventually surrendered to the police, who deemed him 'paranoid.' He spent three months in a mental institution after the incident, eventually committing suicide in 1995.