O Come All Ye Faithful

QUESTION:  In what year was the first English-language version of the song O Come All Ye Faithful printed?
A)  1751
B)  1851
C)  1951
D)  1923

Yesterday, we started talking about one of the Kate Smith albums we have on display in the Music Room but never actually got to it. So we are going to rectify that today. The album is called O Come All Ye Faithful and is a printing of her singing many Christmas standards. The American Treasure Tour blog committee did extensive research into this album and found, to our surprise, little information about it. Odd that an album by a popular musician cannot easily be tracked; however, it makes sense when you realize that different recording labels tend to repackage whatever they can get their hands on so that they can resell familiar music in such a way that people think it's new.  Topps was one company known to do things like this. One thing Topps did was hire studio musicians to play hits made famous by celebrity stars and pay them less, then release the music as the celebrity's. This was not the case with Kate Smith, although they did get her to record songs enough for four albums, then compile them however they could to get the biggest bang for the buck.

In 1959, Topps released Christmas With Kate. They released it again a little while later, before another label called Pickwick got their hands on the recordings and made a slew of albums out of it, including O Come All Ye Faithful. Notably, Pickwick included a few non-Christmas songs that Smith had sung for Topps: "Greensleeves," "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," and "Moonlight in Vermont." And you thought that learning a little bit about what record labels do to sell their music would be boring!

ANSWER: A) 1751.  The original song was written in Latin as Adestes Fidelis.